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 Say Yes to "HOT" leads, Weekly Fast Start Bonuses, and Monthly Pay Checks! 

  What is DBN or The Downline Building Network?

DBN or Downline Building Network is a simple home business founded by a small town Texan named Gerald Peters.  Peters was a small town prison guard and MLM junkie, and having little success generating additional income.

In 2006, after studying various home business opportunities, Peters created his own company called the Downline Building Network. The company is located in Huntsville, TX, just a little north of Houston, TX. The Downline Building Network has grown into the huge success it is today.

Now before you go off thinking this is just another MLM network marketing company understand that this does NOT involve any lotions, potions, or pills. There is no cold calling and no one is going to hound you with a call. Nether do you have to chase friends and family.

Gerald Peters took those things into consideration before he ever created the Downline Building Network. He wanted something simple, and easy, that anyone could do regardless of age, experience, or financial situation.

Guess you could say I was a MLM junkie myself with little to show for my efforts, until I got a postcard in the mail one day and decided to look a little further into the offer.

First off I didn't have to spend a dime. 

The card instructed me to call the Downline Building Network toll free recording and just leave my name and address to receive a FREE info package about the business. That was all that was ask of me. No one was going to hound me on the phone and anything like that.

Two days later I received the info so decided to join.  Basically the business is built around mailing simple postcards which are supplied to you free of charge.  You do have the option of buying more if you wish.

So if this doesn't involved over priced lotions, potions, or pills normally associated with the many MLM companies then what exactly is the product offered?

Answer:  Top Quality Opportunity Seeker Leads and other optional books and CD's you may also receive commissions on.

So you see the hard part is already done for you. Through the DBN Downline Building Network you have the opportunity seeker leads and the FREE postcards to mail to them.

How simple is that?

So how does it all work?   How do I get started?

  1. Call the DBN  24hr recording at:  1-866-722-5363 and when prompted just leave your name and address and my DBN # 46048. You must give that number to receive your FREE info pack. NO one is going to call you back.
  2. Look over the Information Pack you receive. As you are doing this, DBN is already at work placing at least 3 new members in YOUR downline.
  3. You can activate before or after being notified of the member placement.
  4. Activate your position by sending in your order.  You will automatically be given your DBN ID# with you info pack.  This is a 4X3 forced matrix.
  5. When you receive your FREE promotional postcards just mail them out with the leads given in your order.
  6. Your job is done and now the Downline Building Network with go to work for you with fulfilling the orders and handling follow-ups for those that received a free packet but haven't activated yet.
 Have you ever been in a program where the owners send totally free info packs, place at least 3 members under those that respond, and follow up with more mailings? And you may not have spent a single dime at that point. They want even have your payment information. 
With the Downline Building Network you may potentially receive up to 5 checks each month.

First, you will be paid a 70% Fast Start bonus on any member order that you refer to DBN.These are paid Weekly.

You also receive residual income paid at the end of each month. That's paid on 10% first level. 40% second level, and 20% 3rd level. That's a 70% total payout.

And the best news. A 4X3 matrix fills pretty fast. When your first matrix is filled, you start another, and on and on after that.

So why not call now and get a little more info to see if this is really for you.  Call the 24hr recording at: 1-866-722-5363  Give DBN Id# 46048 for your FREE info pack.  

If you prefer just write and request the information package.

P.O. Box 8147
Huntsville, Texas   77340
DBN ID #  46048 

If you write make sure to include this ID# 46048 

The call and the info pack are FREE so you've really nothing to loose by checking this home business opportunity out.

Listen to some of the recorded training calls in the RSS Feed in right column. Gerald sincerely wishes to help others. That is his philosophy and sincerely believes the Downline Building Network opportunity with give you the tools to make money in this business.

Want to say hello. Just send me an email:
(Note: I have an absolute NO Spam policy and do not collect or sale email addresses)

Best Wishes,
Yes Advantage Marketing
Scottie Franklin
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